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        • Mercedes Benz
        • Johnson & Johnson
        • SupHerb Farms
        • Interior Specialists Inc.
        • D.R. Horton (Hawaii Division)
        • Fantastic Sams
        • Barratt American, Inc.

What Clients are Saying

“Thank you for your keynote presentation at our All Staff Conference.  It was another WOW presentation that had people talking for days”  - Dianne Owens, Arbor Development

“Chris Alexander is the best speaker my sales team and I have ever seen. We loved his "WOW" Factor presentation, we want more.” - Nicolina Cuzzero, Meritage Homes

“Chris Alexander has an incredible teaching gift - he really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.” - Professor Richard Cheshire, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University

Most Requested Topics:

Building World-Class Leadership - Introduction Speaking Demo
This dynamic presentation teaches management how to establish a culture of integrity by building relationship bridges and how to integrate goals between the individual, the team, and the organization. Learn how to empower your employees with a sense of purpose and energize everyone into taking 100% responsibility for their jobs.
Duration: One- to two-hour formats

The “WOW” Factor! in Your Business - Introduction Speaking Demo
A riveting presentation that incorporates the Golden Rule. It is paramount that front-line, customer service personnel be empowered to solve problems immediately. Power up your front-line with the Twelve Principles of Synergizing with Your Customer.
Duration: One- to two-hour formats

Team Power - a Competitive Advantage - Introduction Speaking Demo
If you are looking for something new and exciting that will also guarantee meeting success, this is it! Team Power is experiential, energizing, and motivating. With over 40 games and presentations to choose from, you can custom-design Team Power to give your team a "shot in the arm" that will be fun, stimulating, and memorable.
Duration: One- to two-hour formats

Synergy Sales Power - Introduction Speaking Demo
This is an extremely powerful, motivational presentation. It will motivate your sales force to build quality relationships with customers; overcome objections and learn the latest closing techniques and strategies. Your team will learn the importance of building a strong bridge of benefits between the customer and the company, ensuring steady and consistent sales success.
Duration: One- to two-hour formats

Synergy Communication Styles - Introduction Speaking Demo
Synergy Communication Styles is an outstanding interpersonal communication presentation that will assist individuals within your organization become a high performance team, making it easier to find new alternatives and solutions to everyday problems. It will create broad based win/win relationships,  break down the negative "them/us" syndrome and move everyone toward Exceeding Customer Expectations.
Duration: One- to two-hour formats


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