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Synergy Communication Styles

The Synergy Behavior Matrix

 This Is a Fun and Exciting Presentation.
A Highly Participative, Informative and Interactive Experience.

The Synergy Behavior Matrix is an experiential group dynamic presentation that highlights individual team members' behavioral differences, communication preferences, and strengths and weaknesses. They learn to identify and effectively communicate with different styles by relating to communication style values and preferences - Directors, Evaluators, Harmonizers, and Initiators.

Trust is created by connecting to the other style's deeper values - creating greater interpersonal understanding. Then conflict reduces, stress reduces, fear subsides, and relationships become more synergistic. When Synergy improves, attrition lowers and productivity and motivation become the given.

Your Team Will Learn:

  • The Four Different Behavior Styles - Director, Evaluator, Harmonizer and Initiator.
  • How to Identify Other Styles Immediately.
  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Style.
  • Handling Conflict with Each Style.
  • How to Motivate Each Style.
  • The Most Frustrating Environment for Each Style.
  • How to Create Trust with All Styles.

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