Chris Alexander

World-Class Leadership


Powerful leadership behavioral skills
that create zones of inspiration,
innovation and participation

World Class Leadership can be described as the ability by which an individual is able to inspire, motivate and guide a team of individuals to willingly take action and achieve extraordinary results.

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Choosing to achieve the extraordinary means you have to love the idea of winning through people. It requires learning how to coach, counsel, nurture and discipline a team of super achievers and focus them on a shared destiny.

There is a distinct difference between management and leadership. We believe you manage things (cash flow, schedules and systems) but for high performance teamwork you have to learn how to lead and synergize a team. A successful executive is one who has mastered both management and leadership skills.

World Class Leaders believe that fear in the workplace is counterproductive and that fear motivation does not last, but desire motivation grows and increases productivity, and reduces staff turnover. People love to work for a competent leader who challenges and inspires them in an atmosphere of support and respect.

Your Team will Learn:

  • Lead by example - your personal leadership ability
  • How to Motivate, Discipline, and Build a High-Performance Team
  • How to energize your team
  • How to create consistency of performance
  • How to build a high performance team
  • How to become a powerful coach

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What Clients are Saying

"The greatest source of power a business leader has,
is the committed hearts and minds of his team”


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