Chris Alexander

Synergy Sales Power

“The Winning Formula!”

Do you want to sell like a "Super Star" regardless
of the economy or competition?

Do you want to close faster and have your buyers
send you referrals?

If you are hungry for answers and you are motivated and willing to apply yourself and do what it takes to reach the top 2% of sales champions - then this is the seminar for you.

Close More Sales Today with the
Eight Synergy Sales Power Steps

    Learn how to:

      1. Build your confidence and vision of success
      2. Build trust quickly
      3. Qualify true needs and wants
      4. Actively Listen for the dominant buying motives
      5. Present irresistible power solutions
      6. Build value and overcome objections
      7. Power Close without pressure
      8. Build a bank of referrals

"Get Rave Reviews for Your Next Event"

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