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If you want to hear the words: “Outstanding!”, “World-Class!” and “Excellent!”
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What people are saying about Chris Alexander’s presentations:

“Chris Alexander is the best speaker my sales team and I have ever seen. We loved his "WOW" Factor presentation, we want more.” - Nicolina Cuzzero, Meritage Homes

“Chris Alexander has an incredible teaching gift - he really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.” - Professor Richard Cheshire, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University.

“Wonderful! Brilliant! First thing was joy and effective immediate tools that lead to success. I cannot recommended Chris highly enough!” - Liz Jaeschke, Barratt American, Inc.

“Chris Alexander is an outstanding speaker, he really connected with our audience, we asked him to come back as often as his schedule will allow.” - Deborah A. P. Courtney, D.R. Horton - Hawaii Division


Why Meeting Planners love working with Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander is a consummate professional and team player. Chris has Fanatical Attention to Detail and believes that this is how he and his team show you that they are driven by your needs first. He walks his talk and will take as much time as needed to satisfy every detail and question you have. If you wish, he will conduct a pre-meeting needs analysis to be sure your meeting is the outstanding success that you visualize it to be. He will customize his presentation to suit your meeting theme or product launch, ensuring that you and your client are on message and gets rave reviews.

Speaking Topics:

  • World Class Leadership
  • The WOW Factor
  • Team Power
  • Sales Power
  • Synergy Communication Styles

The Top Ten Questions
Covered During the Needs Analysis Interview

  • What is your meeting theme?
  • What is your specific objective?
  • What would you like your audience to leave with (i.e. special points/goals)?
  • How long is Chris' presentation?
  • Where will your meeting be held?
  • How many people will be attending the meeting?
  • What other speakers are on the program? Topics and names.
  • What are the positives and negatives effecting this particular company/industry(i.e. change of CEO; downsizing; product launch; competition, etc.)?
  • At what does this company/group excel?
  • Is the meeting formal, business casual, or relaxed?

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