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   Essential Piece #1: Synergy Team Power - The 5 Success Habits of high-performance Business Teams
Synergy Team Power is the foundation of the Synergy Formula and has proven to be successful in many companies and industries worldwide. When an organization comes together and is united behind a common set of goals and core values, the potential for extraordinary achievement is unlimited and without boundaries.  High-performance business teams need structured, ongoing coaching, nurturing, development and discipline. Discipline is the bedfellow of teamwork and improves the quality of workmanship across the board. Training, education, good systems and structure are fundamental to making your team world-class. The Synergy magic happens through the team’s combined effort and commitment to practice a given set of core values. Practicing core values and insisting that core values become a platform for decision making will teach employees how to build relationship trust, loyalty, commitment and respect. The environment and climate plays a major role in marshaling the collective brain power and creative energy of your team. Therein lies the true source of power.

Essential Piece # 2 Synergy Strategic Planning is an easy-to-implement, powerful 4-step process that demonstrates how to achieve extraordinary success through high-performance teams focused on a shared destiny.
Synergy Strategic Planning focuses on integrating people, systems, and structure, thus directing them toward a predetermined, worthwhile vision–a clear set of believable and livable values–and Transformational, Exciting, Authentic, Measurable (TEAM) goals.

The core principle of Synergy Strategic Planning is that organizational effectiveness is achieved through committed leaders who see the organization as a whole, and that change happens quickly through empowered individuals working in teams toward a shared destiny.

Essential Piece #4:The “WOW” Factor!
We all have products, companies and people we love to do business with.  When we experience the magic of the WOW factor, we want to repeat it over and over. It’s flattering, it’s attractive and we want more of it. You can bring the WOW factor into your business and into your life by making deliberate authentic choices and powering up your charisma.

Joy in the Workplace
A good mix of inspirational examples and step-by-step directions for creating joy in the workplace. Also available in VHS or DVD format and double CD album.
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Creating Extraordinary Joy
A transformational book on how to synergize your life, multiply your happiness and satisfy the deepest yearnings of your spirit. Also available in VHS or DVD format and double CD album. Available everywhere where books are sold or get an author-signed copy directly from Synergy.
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Catch the Wind with Your Wings
This book is so powerful, so beautiful, it will make you catch your breath. In these magical pages, you will recognize the factor within yourself that was always there, waiting for your recognition. more Sold out

Synergizing Your Business
A handy, easy-to-read-and-implement leadership handbook, was written to assist business owners, team leaders, salespeople, and customer service representatives become a high-performance team and achieve extraordinary business success.

Synergizing Your Business Album
Each video cassette and CD forms the basis for a motivational meeting on leadership, team building, customer service, and selling power. The ultimate business-building program for business owners, branch managers, retail managers and corporate department heads. A cost effective, on-site, train-the-trainer program. Teaches you to coach your team to greatness by showing you step-by-step how to build a high performance team, satisfy customers, and deliver outstanding bottom line results.Exclusively available from Synergy.

Synergy Life Mastery Album
With this audio album (six audio cassettes), learn to bring love, joy, and laughter into your world by discovering the secrets for fulfilling the deepest, most intimate yearning of the human spirit . . . Connection. Exclusively available from Synergy


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