Chris Alexander

The “WOW” Factor!

Learn Tried, True and Tested World-Class
Techniques and Skills that will
Earn Customer Love and Loyalty

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Have you ever said:

"Wow! I just love the way they took care of that problem." or
"Wow!  They were so professional, I would go back in a heartbeat."

We all have products, companies and people we love to do business with. When we experience the magic of "The 'WOW' Factor", we want to repeat it over and over. It's flattering, it's attractive and we want more of it. Chris Alexander will help you bring "The 'WOW' Factor" into your business and into your life by learning how to make deliberate authentic choices to power up your charisma.

Can You See Yourself Creating a Great Impression Every Time You Take Care of a Customer?


Imagine What it Would Feel Like to Receive Rave Reviews from Customers; Praise from Your Managers and Applause from Your Co-workers.


Be Respected, Be Valued, Be Trusted.

In this Extraordinary Presentation You Will Learn How To:

  • Give and Receive "WOW" Experiences
  • Build Love and Loyalty
  • Become World Class
  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Earn Respect and Appreciation
  • Build Your Charisma

Inspiring!   Exciting!   Informative!  Humorous!

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What Clients are Saying

"WOWing the Customer begins by embracing service as a
core value and making it a part of your company culture"


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