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“Chris Alexander is the best speaker my sales team and I have ever seen. We loved his "WOW" Factor presentation, we want more.” - Nicolina Cuzzero, Meritage Homes

“Chris Alexander has an incredible teaching gift - he really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.” - Professor Richard Cheshire, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University.

“Thank you for the great training on Saturday. Being the Evaluator that I am, please send me more literature on the tapes that you sell. Thank you very much, you were great!” - John Burns, Waxie

“The highlight of my trip to Long Beach was hearing you speak. Of course, I was already impressed, but I left with an even higher vision - please let me know when you can come and speak to us in Florida.” - Kitty Victor

“Chris Alexander is an outstanding speaker, he really connected with our audience, we asked him to come back as often as his schedule will allow.” - Deborah A. P. Courtney, D.R. Horton - Hawaii Division

“Chris Alexander’s Synergy Program has made us a much more efficient and successful business. He has guided us through a management and team process that has helped us implement a customer driven culture. Through the Synergy Process, we have achieved clearer direction and focus, become more profitable and achieved national top 5 ranking in customer satisfaction!” - Mick Pattinson, President & C.E.O., Barratt American, Inc.

 “At Mercedes, we strive to give our customers the best service in the world. That is why we engaged Chris Alexander and his Synergy Program to help us maintain our competitive advantage. Synergy has been a great success for us. Instead of trying to manage a huge shop of more than 100 technicians – with Chris’ help, we formed smaller shops (teams) of 8-10 technicians. This made each team feel more empowered to make decisions in their own areas of expertise. Their attitudes changed! They weren’t just out for the dollar but took a more personal responsibility in making sure every car was perfect for delivery. As a result, our customer satisfaction ratings rocketed! We now work more effectively as a team to satisfy our discerning and demanding customers.” - Bob Evans, Senior Service Manager, Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz

“Chris Alexander helped us improve our business greatly. He helped structure our systems and processes, improve our customer service and in every aspect of our business, we became more Synergized and focused. He understood our creative approach and adapted his program to suit us - the results are absolutely outstanding!”- Lisa Klang, President & C.E.O., Klang & Associates

“Chris Alexander and the Synergy Programs have made us a better organization. The interactive and creative approach to improving our service and communication to our customers, both internal and external, the sales process and overall team development have had dramatic impacts on our overall success. Chris has helped us instill a cultural change and philosophy that is needed in business today, one that is focused on service, communication and teamwork regardless of the targeted customer. Thanks for playing a key role in our current and future success.” - Scott Grugel, Chief Operating Officer , Interior Specialists, Inc.

“Wonderful! Brilliant! First thing was joy and effective immediate tools that lead to success. I cannot recommended Chris highly enough!” - Liz Jaeschke, Barratt American, Inc.

“Thanks for your brilliance and energy at this year’s “Fiesta Mania” - Deborah Hardwick

“WOW!, what a wonderful afternoon last Saturday! The best part was getting to hear you speak on the subjects dear to my heart. Lightening up, the attitude of gratitude and living in the present moment! What a gift you have! You are a great example of those who are seeking the kind of joy, love and purpose in life that we can see fills your heart.” - Beth Woods

“Thank you very much for your wonderful presentation and seminar. I can’t wait to hear you speak again.” - Cassandra Crites, ISI

“You are such an inspiration!” -Deborah Keith

“I’m just going to speak from my heart and say that you are one of those special people who walk this planet. It is so obvious that you are filled with love - it just emanates from your being. You made a huge impact with your second presentation last week at the Costa Mesa Mental Health Association. Thank you, once again.” -Beth Woods

“Thanks again for coming in! You are one of my favorite guests to have on the show! Hope to see you again soon.” - Karen Kay, Cool 943

“Thanks for helping to make the Weyers Annual Sales Meeting such a huge success. For a number of weeks now, I have received comments such as “Outstanding”! “Excellent!” “Inspirational .. when can you come back?! Thanks again.” Dave Weyers

“Thank you for the outstanding seminar and especially helping me discover my own sense of purpose”. Tinker Donnelly

“Thank you for your keynote presentation at our All Staff Conference. Your powerful message and your enthusiasm was infectious. It was another WOW presentation that had people talking for the next two days. Thank you for considering us as your client and treating us so well each year. We feel extremely fortunate that you were able to be with us again this year. Thank you to Maryna also.” - Dianne Owens, Arbor Development

“I just wanted to send along a great big THANK YOU note to tell you again what a tremendous session I thought we had on Friday. The transformation was so evident ... the growth that I see in so many people is truly awesome. Your dedication to your work and your honest personal involvement with our company and it’s employees has insured our journey to greater successes” - Donna Rowley, Barratt

“Thanks for your inspiration and motivation. You helped us see our potential beyond our limits! Synergy taught us to work together towards a shared destiny.” - JH Foundation

“Margaret Mead described you and your colleagues on the Management Forum panel perfectly. It was Synergy in action! The words of wisdom and wit that were shared will live long in the hearts and minds of the students, teachers , and business people who attended.
Thank you again for sharing your time and talent with FBCA. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and hope that we can work together again soon to help build leaders of the future.” - Diane Yen, Future Business Leaders of America.

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From: Jerry Tyler
To: Chris Alexander
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2007 6:15 PM
Subject: Some News and a "Thank You"
Dear Chris,
Back in the early 1990's you took on the awesome task of helping "Carlton Hair" move from the middle market in hair , a $30.00 haircut, built on strong hairdressing, to with your help move into the affordable quality market where the average Carlton ticket is now $100, this took an undawnting spirit and passion that still exists today of Regis's 11,500 salons 2 out of the top 3 are Carltons. During that time you met me as educational director and we had an amazing time together Synergizing and tripping along the "Hair Highway' together. You , I felt always saw things in me that I didn't see in myself and in the late 1990's I moved from active education into the political side of hairdressing. Hairdressing reform, apprentice reform, Beauty industry, Under "Opal", I and Ted Nelson, formed the ‘Professional Beauty Federation of California’ talk about a road less traveled. Today we are the voice of the beauty industry in California we have the respect of the Governor ( He's passed and vetoed for pro industry bills in the industry's behalf, the legislature respects our input and our lobbyist, and as of 11/05 the Governor not only appointed me to be an "Industry member to the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology", but in May I was voted in as Board president, over 450.000 Beauty professionals in California, Cosmetologists, Barbers, Estheticians, Manicurists ,Electrologists, over 45,000 Beauty Establishments and over 250 Beauty Schools, Under my board we now have state-state reciprocity, apprentice reforms and so many new reforms we are budgeted out until fiscal year 08. There was a time when the business of Carlton could have been put ahead of politics, But James, Russell, Jean, and you Chris always said we must move forward to reform California’s Beauty Industry, well now I can say , I have the keys to the car and we are heading in the right direction, Just a long awaited report card to an old friend, and many thanks for believing that change is possible if you just don’t give up !
My best to your wife, as always your friend, Jerry Tyler/ Director of Education and Industry Relations

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From: Tina Villa
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 11:57 AM
To: Chris Alexander
Subject: Significant achievements and awards for our peers

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the kind words. I think that you should pat-yourself-on-the-back too. I truly believe that Synergy played a huge role in our success as a Team and the award recognition.
Enjoy the weekend!
Tina Villa
Senior Account Executive
Interior Specialists

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