Chris Alexander

    Catch the Wind with Your Wings

Some of you young folks have been saying to me, `Eh, Pops, what do you mean, what a wonderful world?  How about all those wars all over the place? You call them wonderful? And how about hunger and pollution?  That ainít so wonderful either.`
  How about listening to old pops for a minute?  Seems to me it ainít the world thatís so bad but what weíre doing to it.  And all Iím saying is see what a wonderful world it would be it we only gave it a chance.  Love, baby, love - thatís the secret.  Yeeaahhh. If lots more of us loved each other, weíd solve lots more problems. And then this world would be a gasser
.  -                                                                -  Louis Armstrong

There is a connecting energy of collaborative creation and orderiness that exists in all of nature.  Itís technology and organizational ability is astounding. It is the orchestra of life and humanity plays a part within that great symphony. We need to wake up, reach out and embrace its truth in our hearts, understand it with our minds and allow our spirits to connect with it.  We do this by reaching deep down within ourselves and connecting with our truth.

The truth of who we are, the truth of our role in the process of life, and the truth of what needs to be done. When we set ourselves free from the confused society and take on this responsibility of discovery and contribution, we begin the first steps towards living our life on purpose. Just as importantly, we fulfill our role in the synchronicity and harmony of lifeís musical score and form a part of that invisible but very real synergistic effect that touches the soul and every part of life.  Each and everyone of us forms a part of the musical score. It is the organized collaboration directed towards a meaningful purpose that creates something more than the sum of its separate parts.

The symphony of recreation is incomplete without each and everyone of us.  For so long we have been unwilling players. The new millennium brings with it a deep knowing in our hearts that now is the time for connecting, collaborating and truth. Now is the time for Synergy.

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