Chris Alexander

Synergizing Your Business

How to Build High-Performance Business Teams
Focused on Exceeding Customer Expectations

 “Alexander debunks common leadership myths* and discusses how Synergy prevents errors that cost companies and shareholders millions.”
* See attached list of 15 Leadership Myths

Book Description
Give every employee a $300 bonus and make more profit.
Imagine this: a $300 yearly bonus for every employee who makes it to work on time and only uses a certain minimal amount of sick time. Does that sound outrageous to you?  Let’s do the math. If you employ a hundred people, you can expect to lose $60,300 in absenteeism and tardiness this year. To top that, you didn’t have to lose that money in the first place!   If you gave your employees the $300 yearly bonus based on attendance and performance, you would save $30,150 and cut your losses in half. Maybe even more impressive, you just made a hundred people happier and more willing to come to work. The only question now is: are you ready to synergize every aspect of your business?

Easy-to-read-and-implement leadership handbook.
Synergizing Your Business, a handy, easy-to-read-and-implement leadership handbook, was written to assist business owners, team leaders, salespeople, and customer service representatives become a high-performance team and achieve extraordinary business success.  It is a template for anyone who wants to increase profits, enhance employee and customer relations, and feel great about going to work each day.

Lessons for business owners, department heads, and team leaders.
Lessons for business owners and managers include the importance of “letting go”, the painful but necessary process of parturition from total control when a young company begins to grow. Micro-managing, like over-watering a carefully-tended garden, causes death to initiative and innovation. A secondary mistake, over-systematizing, creates bureaucracy, and leads to loss of employee potential.

Using the “5 Bridges to Success,” Alexander explains the importance of relationships in the business world, and the use of the Mission Statement in focusing and achieving goals.  Most importantly, he teaches the reader how to really think outside the box, how to adapt the process to the goal (instead of limiting goals to fit the process), and to plan for long-term success over ephemeral short-term profits.


5 Outrageous and Outstanding Bridges
to Power Up Your Business

Bridge 1: Synergistic Leadership
Synergistic Leadership teaches and reinforces a passionate belief in a triple win principle.  Triple win means choosing a broader perspective in how we conduct business on a daily basis. It encompasses choosing purpose-driven values that focus on the company winning, the employees winning, and the customer winning.    In the Synergizing Your Business process, it is the responsibility of the owners and senior executives to create a symphony of operational excellence through ethical leadership, building outstanding teamwork, relationship trust through respect for the individual, and establishing outrageous customer service.

Bridge 2: Synergistic Team Leadership
Synergistic Team Leaders are the motivators and communicators of teamwork, initiating communication and inner excellence. It is their responsibility to coach, counsel, and mentor individuals through the process of organizational change. They support and reinforce theory with practical application.

Bridge 3: Synergistic Team Power
Synergistic Team Power is a formula that has proven successful in company after company and industry after industry. When an organization comes together, united behind a common set of goals and core values, the potential for extraordinary achievement is unlimited and without boundaries.

Bridge 4: Synergizing with Your Customer
Synergizing with Your Customer incorporates the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. It is a proven fact that employees tend to treat customers as they are treated by the company. Bad service and bad attitudes are merely reflections of an outdated and unaware management style. Synergy is an “inside to out” strategy.

Bridge 5: Synergistic Sales Power
Synergistic Sales Power builds a strong bridge of benefits between the customer and the company, ensuring steady and constant success. Practicing Synergy in your sales process creates the energy that builds bridges to success and a world class business that makes a difference in the marketplace.

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