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Creating Extraordinary Joy

Extraordinary joy is the result of the Synergy created by connecting with our own and others' true and authentic selves, which empowers us to create the ultimate connection, loving and being loved.

Creating Extraordinary Joy is a transformational book on life mastery, on how to Synergize your life, multiply your happiness, and satisfy the deepest yearnings of your spirit.

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Every day for the last 20 years the author has worked with business professionals and other individuals, researching interpersonal connection and studying its effects on the ability to live a life of purpose, meaning, and joy. Through this research, he found that connection on an emotional and spiritual level is as important as mental connection or physical touch; and that when there is a positive connection on these levels with others, the sum is always greater than the separate parts. This is Synergy.

In this book, Alexander explains how to connect Synergistically with others at every level of life: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The Synergy Life Mastery Journey . . .

Creating Extraordinary Joy takes the reader on a life-enhancing journey of personal discovery. It describes a creative, continuous process that day-by-day builds inner peace and contentment. Following this path, we take the time to discover who we are, where we are in life, and what we value highly; we uncover our authentic selves and our true purpose. This realization energizes us to be more productive workers, sound decision-makers, and committed partners and friends. It also awakens us to the authenticity and true purpose of others, and how we can relate to them in a way that creates mutuality and joy.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, a teacher or a student, you can create your own circle of joy by taking the 7 Synergy Life Mastery steps outlined in this book. These steps are grounded in the ancient teachings of the masters, their practical application and development over the years, and the latest scientific research.

Written in a straightforward conversational style, and containing helpful case studies from the author's work, Creating Extraordinary Joy can bring laughter and harmony into our world by helping us discover the secrets of fulfilling our deepest, most intimate need - authentic connection. It is the perfect antidote for stress, depression, ennui, and the emptiness we feel when we are alienated from our self.

These lessons include:

  • Understanding Synergy and Making it Work for You
  • Recognizing All Your Available Life Choices
  • Clearing out Old Ideas That Cause You Pain
  • Making Choices That Express the Needs of Your True Self
  • Living up to Your Higher Purpose
  • Achieving Your Goals
  • Staying Connected with the Joy You've Found

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What People are saying about
Creating Extraordinary Joy

"This is a beautiful book, both inspiring and practical, full of wonderful insights and ideas to make your life a shining experience."
Brian Tracy - Author of Maximum Achievement

"Creating Extraordinary Joy is a terrific tool for getting on with the rich, fulfilling life we were all meant to lead. Chris Alexander truly understands the magic of synergy, and how we can manifest true joy in life."
Suzanne Falter-Barns - Author of How Much Joy Can You Stand?

"Chris becomes our personal coach, helping us to realize that the true definition of success in this century is anchored in love, connection to others, and allowing our purpose for work to be driven by passion."
Diane Y. Chapman - Talk Show Host, Author, Speaker

“In Creating Extraordinary Joy Chris Alexander teaches us how to awaken to the joy that is inside us at any given moment; the joy that is our potential, our birthright, our destiny. We learn how to create joy through our ultimate connection with our ‘authentic self’ so that our relationships (with ourselves, others, and the environment) are more loving and Synergistic.”
Deborah Waitley - Ph.D., Vice President of the Waitley Institute

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